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Fabric types explained.

Fabrics are made from various raw materials which are sourced from nature or artificially manufactured. Fabrics can be natural, synthetic or a combination of both.

Experimenting with new techniques with this gift set we made for a customer. The koi print fabric is quilting cotton. Non-stretchy woven fabric works really well with stretch knits when cut on bias. This opens up so many new possibilities because there are so many more beautiful prints and patterns in woven fabrics than it is in knits!


Natural fabrics, such as the ones we use in all our lingerie and apparel collections, are those which are created from the fibers of animals coats, the cocoons of silkworms, and plants seeds, leaves and stems. It is breathable and should never cause rashes and discomfort.

Samples of natural fabrics: cotton, silk, linen, wool, hemp, leather and suede, jute.

Modern synthetic or man-made fabrics are made from fibers which are either completely made from inorganic or organic materials combined with chemicals to alter their structure and properties. Some can be very luxurious and can imitate natural fabrics quite well.

Samples of synthetic fabrics: acetate, polyester, polyester chiffon, acrylic, latex, nylon, viscose, polypropylene.

There are also industrial fabrics such as vinyl, carbon and fiberglass fabrics.

Choosing the right fabric for clothes is the most important step in sewing Econica’s garments. We strive to use as many as possible natural and organic fabrics to ensure the best quality without compromising style and comfort.

Credits: Econica Shop, Textile School

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