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9 Fashion Trends of 2017

1.Nautical Stripes.

Stripes are hot again! Nautical variety stripes are trendy this year, reminding us of hot summer days and breezy seashore vacations.

High waist women's panties nautical stripes

stripes underwear.jpg

2.Khaki clothing

Neutral and super versatile color Khaki is easy to combine with pretty much any outfit.

Hipster panties in taupe cashmere


3. Shades of yellow.

Yellow color has been undervalued for far too long. This year, treat yourself with some yellow clothing & accessories to stay on top of the trends!

Long wrap dress with shawl neckline


4. Slouchy & off-shoulder tops.

Very comfy and easy to transition from day- to evening wear, slouchy and relaxed-fitting tops are extra fashionable this year.

Slouchy tunic top organic cotton

slouchy top.jpg

5. Cool sleeve styles.

Slit sleeves and flare sleeves are in style this year once again.

Organic hoodie sweater dress


6. Accentuated waistline.

Waist-training has been very popular for a reason. Accentuated waistline is making a comeback!


7. Casual robes.

If you don’t feel like dressing up in the morning, you no longer have to! Thanks to the newest trend: casual robe-style dresses and tunics.


8. Chunky sweaters.

Chunky sweaters can be worn in infinite ways. Dress them up or down, chunky sweater is here to stay for the year 2017.

Linen sweater tunic in charcoal


9. Bralettes & cropped tops.

Bralettes and cropped tops seem to be the mindset for 2017 Spring. Unabashedly out there with frilly tops and printed pretty little floral things.

Vintage style yellow bralette


Credits: Econica Shop, InStyle

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