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5 ways to create a smart summer wordrobe

How to create a summer wardrobe that is both: functional and fun?

Here are 5 ways to keep your summer fashion essentials fun and practical at the same time:

  1. Be smart – get a few key pieces that go with everything are color-neutral.


2. Have 2-3  color pops to add and rotate in your weekly wardrobe routine such as fun accessories and shoes.

3. Keep it simple. When you have 15 minutes to get ready you want to be able to throw  something on quick and be on your way. Have a few simple flowy pieces that fit great.

4. Go for quality – not quantity. Good quality underwear, organic and natural fibre clothing will last longer and look better with time.

5.  Affordable basics. When it comes to basics  such as jeans and tees most of the times the only difference in the price  tag is the label.  High-end jeans are often made in the same factories the more affordable brands are, using the same materials with only slight variations in style and design details. So you end up literally paying for the designer label. Whenever possible chose local brands made by small businesses who support local communities.



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