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5 tips on how to dress and style for plus-size figure.

Finding the right clothes can be challenging and more so  for full figure.

It is all about accentuating the features you want to show off and downplaying those you don’t. Here are 5 crucial steps to choosing clothes with the right cut, color and fit that will help you flatter your body while staying comfortable.

1.The cut

A-line dresses.

Every single body type looks good in an A-line dress because it emphasizes a woman’s natural waistline and drapes nicely over any curves on her lower body.

Empire waist.

Tops and dresses with empire waist are perfect for ladies with pear- or triangle-shaped bodies who are smaller above the waist than they are below the waist.

Straight-cut dresses.

Straight-cut dresses look great on women who have broader shoulders and chests and smaller hips.

Sweater knit dress organic cotton fleece


2. The color

The rule of thumb to is that light colors emphasize while dark colors downplay, which is why black is universally flattering. If you’re choosing a light-colored dress, be sure to make up for the color by choosing a structured silhouette that will flatter your body. Horizontal stripes and large, bold patterns can appear to add volume in places you don’t want it.

Cropped jacket, organic cotton fleece


3. The fit

A garment that is too tight or too loose can ruin your day and look unflattering even on the most perfect body. This is why Econica offers made-to-measure clothing where each and every garment is made to compliment women’s body.

Fitted wrap dress


4. Accessories

Choosing a perfect scarf or shoes can make you look taller, thinner, more confident. Go for small elegant heel and big flowy scarves.

Large linen scarf – sage green

5. Hairstyle

The right hairstyle will your self-confidence and not only mask some facial imperfections in regards to its shape but also change an impression of your image in whole.

  1. Avoid heavy straight bangs, because they create a horizontal line that widens your face visually.
  2. If you are a plus-size woman, it’s better to shy away from compact and sleek hairstyles, they can totally spoil your look.
  3. Whatever hairstyle you choose, try to leave elongated locks by the sides of your face. They are going to make your face slimmer.
  4. Consider elongated side bangs. Any diagonal line that crosses your face makes it longer visually.
  5. Additional volume on top also elongates and slims your face.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 1.44.19 AM.png


Credits: Econica Shop, Monroe and Main, The right hairstyles
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5 important tips on how to find a perfect bra. | econica


A perfectly fitting bra can make all the difference in your day. It can improve your posture and overall image for better.

Finding a good bra is like hitting a jackpot. Once you have it, you find yourself wearing the same old worn, faded and stretched-out number for years. Why?  – Because it fits well!

Here are 5 important tips to remember when shopping for a perfect bra:

  1. Get yourself fitted by a specialist.

    And get refitted if you experience a change in your weight. Chances are you’ve been wearing the wrong-size bra for years.

  2. Pay attention to the quality and width of trims, band and shoulder straps.

    If your cup size is B or fuller, you’ll want supportive bands and straps that aren’t too thin. Make sure they aren’t leaving marks on your skin, riding up or sliding down. We use soft, high quality  elastic trim in various width on most of our organic bras and bralettes. It won’t slide, it does not pinch and has enough stretch to give the proper support in all the right places.


3. When you are looking for a lot of lift and cleavage beyond what your girls naturally have, a push-up bra is the standard option.

However, pay attention to the gaping in traditional molded cup or padded bras. There should be no empty space between the upper part of breast and the bra. In other words, your breast should fill the cup evenly. Push-up bras, when not fitted correctly can leave you with neck pain and back pain.

4. The materials in your bra should be soft and adaptable.

After all, if you spend your day feeling itchy because your fabulous-looking bra  is made with rigid ribbon straps or stiff lace trims that’s not good. Opt when you can for natural breathable materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo or merino wool. Like these organic cotton and superfine merino wool or cashmere bralettes and bras by Econica.

5. Sometimes less is more.

Ask yourself what is more important: the comfort or the look?  How often are you planning on wearing your new bra?  For everyday use, look for simpler style made with quality fabric and stitching. Smaller cup sizes are perfect for triangle or any soft bras without a wire, since they need less support—although if you want a bit more help, a lightly padded plunge or demi bra works well too. Larger cup sizes can wear many different styles if they are constructed properly. The key is not to limit yourself and try things on!