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Merino wool underwear benefits

Econica offers a wide range of organic wool knit underwear and bralettes. Each and every of our products is handmade in our studio in Ontario, Canada. So what is it that makes merino wool such a superior choice for clothing and underwear? 1.Insulation. Wool is a fantastic insulator and provides a great buffer against the…… Continue reading Merino wool underwear benefits

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Oversized linen shawls – Spring trends

Our oversized linen shawls make a great and easy accessory. These shawls are available in many natural earthy colors and wonderful textures. Combining versatility of linen flax with wonderful durability of hemp fiber, these shawls will last forever and are easy to care for. Choose between these great trendy colors: taupe olive, mauve lavender, blue…… Continue reading Oversized linen shawls – Spring trends

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The benefit of organic and natural fabric.

When buying clothes, we consider appearance, comfort, size and price, often forgetting another very important point – fiber content. We know that more then half of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. Most of non-organic and synthetic fabrics used in commercially produced clothes are treated with chemicals which are absorbed by…… Continue reading The benefit of organic and natural fabric.